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當我們在使用 Array 時,
有時會有需求是將 Array 中的物件內容列印出來,
這時我們就需要將 Array 轉換為字串,
雖然我們可以用 for 或 iterator 自己拼出字串,但其實還有更快的方法!

我們也會有將 Array String 重新轉換成 Array 的需求。
以下的程式碼以簡單的 int array 為例,

說明用array 的方法:

For primitive types:

int[] myIntArray = new int[3];
int[] myIntArray = {1,2,3};
int[] myIntArray = new int[]{1,2,3};

For classes, for example String, it’s the same:

String[] myStringArray = new String[3];
String[] myStringArray = {"a","b","c"};
String[] myStringArray = new String[]{"a","b","c"};

Syntax for default values:

int[] num = new int[5];

Or (less preferred)

int num[] = new int[5];

Syntax with values given (variable/field initialization):

int[] num = {1,2,3,4,5};

Or (less preferred)

int num[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};

Note: For convenience int[] num is preferable because it clearly tells that you are talking here about array. Otherwise no difference. Not at all.

Multidimensional array


int[][] num = new int[5][2];


int num[][] = new int[5][2];


int[] num[] = new int[5][2];




 int[][] num={ {1,2}, {1,2}, {1,2}, {1,2}, {1,2} };

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