AT&T gives retail robots a 5G boost

AT&T teamed with Badger Technologies to create a new generation of autonomous robots which run on 5G, a move the operator said could ultimately help retailers boost profits.

Robots already patrol the aisles of a number of major US retailers including Walmart and grocery chain Giant Food Stores, helping staff take inventory, clean and identify hazards. But AT&T said in-store Wi-Fi systems can have a hard time processing all the data collected by the machines.

By using mmWave 5G and multi-access edge computing technology, AT&T and Badger Technologies said they hope to allow the robots to process more data faster, to increase efficiency.

AT&T Business CMO Mo Katibeh explained in a statement: “These technologies will eventually equip robots with both the compute power and lower latency needed to increase revenue, improve the in-store experience, and elevate employees to better assist customers”.

“Badger Technologies’ robots can help retailers make sure they have products in stock and in the right place, increasing customer satisfaction. That leads to increased revenue. That’s the power of data.”

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