Finally, You Can Play ‘Apex Legends’ By Yourself

There are many ways to enjoy battle royale games. Millions upon millions of players wouldn’t be so devoted to them if there wasn’t a little variety. You can team up with friends to fight other squads, making use of tense tactics. Or you can play by yourself for a full-blown horror experience as you desperately try to survive the encroaching doom.

Apex Legends has found great success exploring the team-based side of battle royale games. The different Legends all gave different characters abilities, creating a complementary three-person squad is part of the strategy. But there’s been no way to see how characters like Lifeline or Octane would fare out on their own with no backup. Until now. Check out this new trailer for Apex Legends’ new solo mode.

The Iron Crown Collection Event comes as part of Apex Legends season two. Whereas Fortnite’s limited events are wacky movie tie-ins based on Avengers or John Wick, this limited time event finally brings the solo mode featured in nearly all battle royale games to Apex Legends. We have to assume that Respawn is just using this as a test, seeing how character balance holds up in this new isolated context, before rolling out a permanent solo mode.

As a “free” game, the Iron Crown Collection Event also brings tons of new goodies to unlock or just purchase. There are 24 new items to collect, from powerful weapons to gorgeous character skins, using the new Crown currency earned from beating special challenges. The perks come at an even pricier premium though. This is why we should just ban loot boxes already.

The Iron Crown Collection Event runs until August 27. After that, you’ll have to get used to socializing again. For more on Apex Legends see if you qualify for its first big upcoming tournament and learn how the powers at be are targeting Apex Legends and other violent video games without tackling the America’s true gun control issue.

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