Apple Arcade Launches Next Week

Move over, Xbox Game Pass. Kick rocks, Google Stadia. There’s a new subscription service coming to offer tons of video games for one monthly price. We’ve known about Apple Arcade for a while now. Trying to fix mobile’s free-to-play problem they themselves helped create, Apple wants to provide a space where paid premium games can thrive. But at today’s Apple event we got the last Apple details we were looking for before launch.

A gaming subscription service obviously needs games worth subscribing to. And Apple, along with their partners, showed off three highlights from the 100+ games on tap for Apple Arcade. Unfortunately, none of them were Flappy Fighter.

First, and most hilariously, Konami tried to pull itself out of its self-dug gaming grave to show off Frogger In Toy Town. Crossy Road was one of our favorite mobile gaming sensations a few years ago. And that was just endless Frogger with a chicken. Here you guide the amphibian through colorful yet deadly levels, and Konami weirdly hyped up the graphical quality and physics… in a Frogger game. Sorry, we’re still just salty about Kojima.

Next up, Capcom showed off Shinsekai: Into the Depths, what seems to be an original IP considering they filed a patent back in July. In this moody sidescroller players traverse the ocean floor in a clunky diving suit. Not only do you need to survive monsters but also monitor your oxygen. It’s like BioShock crossed with an underwater Sonic the Hedgehog level.

Finally, Annapurna Interactive showed off Sayonara Wild Hearts from celebrated mobile developer Simogo. We already knew this neon motorcycle music video racing game was coming to Nintendo Switch. But on Apple Arcade you have more options for playing on the go.

Apple Arcade launches September 19 for $5 per month after a month-long free trial. For alternative portable gaming needs though, the Nintendo Switch Lite launches the very next day.

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