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OfflineTV’s Rust RP server has been a Twitch sensation for some time now. Dozens of Twitch’s most-popular streamers have flocked to the OfflineTV server, excited by the opportunities provided from such a rare gathering. However, the OfflineTV server also faces a major challenge, which is retaining players that are quick to lose interest. As such, the OfflineTV server creator BaboAbe is looking toward what changes to make with the next Rust RP server reset.

The plan, according to BaboAbe, is to maintain a short server reset cycle that is designed around Twitch streamers‘ distractedness. Specifically, BaboAbe says he’s planning a monthly server reset schedule. He sees that as a cycle of two-to-three weeks of players progressing and PvPing, and then having a wind-down period before the next reset. As such, he wants to ensure that with each reset players have a fresh experience that they can really enjoy for the next few weeks.

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The next reset, which is being dubbed Season 3 of the OfflineTV Rust RP server, is already being plotted out by BaboAbe. In a video shared online, he describes his plans to make big changes to the current setup, including a brand new map for the server. With regards to the map specifically, BaboAbe was shown to be designing one with a large island safe zone at the center of the map while surrounded by smaller islands and larger islands further away.

BaboAbe also details some of the smaller changes that they’re considering for Season 3 in the clip. For example, they talk about removing gambling from the safe and placing it in a PvP area to make it more of a risk. They also talk about making safe-zone junk less easy to come by, as players were easily able to gather a significant amount of junk with which to gamble with. BaboAbe also discusses encouraging early PvP and building in the warzone, but doesn’t come to any conclusions.

The big question facing BaboAbe and the Rust OfflineTV RP server is whether or not big streamers will be coming back regardless of any changes. Many Twitch streamers have already decided to stop playing Rust. BaboAbe attributes this to many streamers overdoing it and needing a break, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t come back.

Regardless of the OfflineTV Rust server’s longevity, the team behind it is likely quite proud. They created a community that’s unlike anything ever seen on Twitch, which helped Rust reach incredible numbers both in terms of players and sales revenue. It’s been the number one seller on Steam for three weeks now. This is something special, regardless of whether it lasts another month or not.

Rust is available now on PC and will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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